Friday, January 8, 2010

"Charlie X" Screencaps

This episode is epic. First of all, the boy that plays Charlie Evans is TERRIFYING. Second, Spock playing the Vulcan lute is adorable, and third, Kirk does some tumbles with Charlie, exposing his prominent man panties, or Spanx. It's just wonderful.

Spock(or most likely Leonard was, because I don't think "Spock holds back his laugh" was in the script) was trying to hold in his laugh, lol.

<---season 1 is packed with these adorable little smirks >.<

<---Spock's face after he finds out someone has discovered the tribbles hidden in his room.
<---then he finds out someone threw his tribbles in the incinerator.
<---then he eats a lemon.

that's love right there.
...And I had to take screencaps of kirk's epic man panties.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"The Man Trap" Screencaps

yay! I finally got season 1 in the mail, and I can start making screencaps from the beginning! This episode was not the first one made, but it was the first one aired after NBC told Roddenberry that they thought Star Trek was not "sci-fiey" enough. Lame. Not much Spock in this episode, but there is an epic fight scene that yielded some pretty hilarious Spock faces. Enjoy! *Star Trek belongs to its respective owners, I own nothing*

<---Peek-a-Spock >.<

And cue the funny faces...

<---the episode ends with this adorable little smirk.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Epic animated gif!!!!

*Fan girl squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!* I found this animated gif of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner on a deviant art profile page this is epic.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gay Cellmate Tension...That's Deathwatch.

I recently downloaded the 1966 version of Deathwatch starring..of course...Leonard Nimoy, and to my surprise, Michael Forest (the guy that plays Apollo in "Who Mourns the Adonis"). I had done no research on this movie, so I had no idea wtf was going on in the entire movie. I couldn't tell if there was homosexual innuendo or not. After doing a little more research on the movie (you could barely find out ANYTHING about this damn movie) I found out that Leonard Nimoy's character, Jules Le Franc, had a gay crush on "Green Eyes" (Michael Forest's character) and the last dude was an obvious homosexual, so there was no question about that. I guess the best word to explain the homosexual tension is "shonen-ai". I watched the movie a second time and still couldn't really understand it. All I understood that Leonard Nimoy is a sexy beast, which I was already aware of. As far as I know, the movie is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find on the internet for purchase, and I had some random person off of DeviantArt send me a link to download the movie via Bittorrent. Well anyways, here are some screen captures for your enjoyment.

<---i think this is two guys having sex. They don't really clarify. I think it's funny though :D

<---a good view of Michael Forest's nice arms :9

<---smug face lol

<---awww, man nuzzling!<---snarfing up Green Eyes' scent. Creepy, but somehow attractive.
...nope...just creepy.


<---this proves that man evolved from apes.

<---ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, Leonard Nimoy's nipple. Enjoy.

<---Green Eyes likes it.